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Renovated, redeveloped and replanned

   Nowadays it is necessary to point out that many foreigners live and work in Petersburg. Among expats there are embassy employees, investors, entrepreneurs, managers, restaurateurs and chefs, students. And not all of them are fluent in Russian. At the same time, almost everybody acquire housing and commercial real estate, which needs to be renovated, redeveloped and replanned or just created new interiors and sometimes even overhaul.

   RosPereplanirovka - a professional architectural and design bureau with all the necessary accreditations, permits and licenses. We design both residential   and non-residential objects.

   Our first foreign customers in the 90s were Americans, who had bought several communal apartments truly dilapidated inside but with miracle city center view, in the historical and cultural heritage monuments of St. Petersburg - on Bolshaya Morskaya street, Furshtatskaya street, Tavricheskaya street and others.

   Due to the fact that a lot of foreign citizens who do not speak Russian, own in St. Petersburg various real estate - apartments, restaurants, shops, hotels, business centers, factories, we have in our staff specialists who speak fluent English. Taking into account, that they are not just simple translators but architects, engineers and designers, who skilled in constructions and design terminology.

   During our long way we have accumulated vast experience and service working with foreign customers and a large number of our compatriots living abroad. We are easy going with agreements translations, asap sharing essential information  and also currency payment via swift. And, of course, we do not disclose any information about our customers. Furthermore, our specialists undergo internships in the USA and Europe.

That is why foreign customers in RosPereplanirovka - frequent guests?

   We are constantly carrying out projects, approvals and construction work for foreign citizens living in St. Petersburg, expats, and Russians living abroad. Working with us is a comfortable process. For 25 years of our path, we have cooperated with employers and employees from corporations as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Phillip Morris, Rothmans, Calzedonia group, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other authorities. We built, reconstructed, repaired dozens of properties for them and also apartments, country houses, shops, restaurants, hotels, factories, etc. We had even completed the redevelopment project of Petersburg Coca-Cola factory.

   Sometimes we collaborate with corporate foreign architects and designers to advise them on Russian construction, fire, sanitary and other standards, adjusting and modifying their design documentation for approval and expertise.

   In general, free English is our great competitive advantage and we hope now it is properly highlighted.


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